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Yemen LNG Champions Bir Ali Solid Waste Cleaning Campaign

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05 April 2010
As part of Yemen LNGís environmental and social commitments, we support initiatives concerning biodiversity conservation outside of the Balhaf LNG Plant boundaries. As such, HSEQ has implemented an awareness and solid waste cleaning campaign for Bir Ali Village during the 15th to 22nd March, with the ultimate aim of helping to establish a sustainable solid waste management system.

The Awareness Campaign was implemented over 3 days and involved 30 participants from the Bir Ali community, including representatives from the local council, schools (girls and boys), Womenís Society, environmental societies and the fishermenís cooperative. HSEQ and its consultant, Hawf, communicated with the participants on correct solid waste management, the management of local waste types and the impacts of poor management on health and the environment. The participants were then instructed how best to convey this information to the local community. The messages were communicated via posters, panels, loudspeakers and discussions. Training materials was also distributed to the community, in schoolís and in the market place.


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