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Training & Development

In keeping with career development, Yemen LNG provides constant training for both junior and senior staff throughout their assignment with an aim to further qualify all staff and enable them to effectively meet their job requirements. The training also prepares staff for potential future transfers within the company.

Long-Term Training Plans

Yemen LNG allocates a substantial annual budget for training and development. This annual allocation proves Yemen LNGs commitment towards training and development. The Company seeks to tailor available training in line with staff current and future needs in order to sharpen their skills for possible future promotions. In 2010, Yemen LNG staff received an average of 8 days of formal training.

Balhaf LNG Academy

In furtherance of training and career development, Yemen LNG has established in Balhaf an LNG Academy.

The LNG Academy provides chances each year for new university graduates in and outside Yemen to further augment their education with training programs in the LNG industry. The Balhaf LNG Academy graduates will be well-trained and would be in a position to contribute to the success of the local and international markets.

Scholarships in Yemeni Universities

Yemen LNG provides 80 scholarships for qualified Yemeni students, namely from Shabwa and Marib governorates, to earn their degrees at local universities in Yemen.  This program is to provide further support to students and will help them meet the needs of their governorates.

Scholarships outside Yemen

In 2010, Yemen LNG launched its first scholarship program comprising 20 scholarships in France.  The scholarships consisted of two different programs that targeted both graduates and undergraduates. Similar scholarships will be available each year to qualified Yemeni students. 

As part of the qualifying requirements, short-listed candidates are required to take intensive French language training to qualify them for study at French universities.  For consideration of all requests for study in France, students need to obtain the Delf B2. 

Scholarships report date is in September of every year.


Yemen LNG provides a number of internship opportunities to qualified university graduates. The objective of the internship is to provide fresh university graduates with an opportunity to be exposed to work environments and mechanism in different areas and allow them the chance to gain real work experience. This program, which runs from 3 to 4 months, aims to prepare and qualify new university graduates for potential future employment.

Applications for internship opportunities are reviewed periodically by Yemen LNG Human Resources and applicants are interviewed. Applicants are also required to take English and computer skills’ tests to determine their eligibility. 

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