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80 Technical and Vocational Scholarships for Marib and Shabwa

Academic Year 2013/2014
40 Scholarships for Marib & 40 for Shabwa

To further support Yemen in building its human resources, Yemen LNG Company is pleased to invite candidates from the Governorates of Marib and Shabwa to compete for 80 Scholarships in Vocational and Technical Training in the academic year 2013/2014:

Candidates successfully selected in a competitive basis will attend a 2-year training program in in the below fields:


  • Furniture Carpentry
  • Light Vehicles Mechanics
  • House Wiring Electricity
  • Welding and Milling Machines
  • Computer Programing
  • Industrial Electronic Control
  • General Electricity
  • Hydraulic and Nomadic System
  • Land Surveying & Roads
  • Oil Fields Facility Operations
  • Cooling
  • Turnery

Interested candidates must:

  • Be residents of Mareb or Shabwa governorates; (particularly Jardan, Rodhoom, Al-Rawdah and Maifa’ah districts in Shabwa)
  • Have completed high school in 2010/2011 or 2011/2012 with a grade average of more than 70%, science section
  • Have completed the Application Form

The application file should include:

  • A copy of the ID card
  • A copy of the high school certificate, science section
  • The Application form

How to Apply:

You can download the application form by clicking here or through the Education offices of Marib and Shabwa. The application form and the above documents should be submitted no later than Sunday, 18 July 2013, to the following addresses:

  • The Education Office in Marib (for applicants in Marib)
  • The Education Office in Shabwa (for applicants in Shabwa)

Selection Process:

Processing the applications as well as the selection process will be managed by the scholarship program offices in the governorates of Marib & Shabwa. Scholarships will be awarded based on merits, gender diversity and location of residence.


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