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Yemen LNG awards scholarships to France to 25 students and admits 12 students to the LNG School of Technology /Institut Francais du Petrole LNG diploma

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29 August 2012

Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Oil and Minerals, Mr. Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, Yemen LNG awarded in Sanaa today 25 new scholarships to France and admitted the first promotion of 12 Yemeni students to its LNG School of Technology to prepare the LNG masters diploma of the French Institute of Petroleum.

Scholarships to France
The 25 scholarship winners were selected upon a competitive process. 13 students have been admitted to undergraduate programs and the remaining 12 to master degree programs in France. 60 students are now studying in France under the YLNG program.

The 2013 scholarship campaign is now open to 80 young Yemenis for the preparation for bachelor and master programs starting in September 2013 after a year of French language training in Sana;a. In August 2013, 20 new scholarships will be offered to the most successful students.

French Institute of Petroleum LNG masters diploma
Yemen LNG admitted 12 Yemeni students to the LNG Diploma program of the prestigious Institut Francais du Petrole. at the LNG School of Technology of Balhaf.
The 40 week program starts early September 2012. 12 students have been admitted to the program after having gone through a rigorous and fair selection process. At the end of the program, successful candidates will be awarded a Graduate Diploma of Petroleum Studies, Major in LNG from the prestigious IFP School, part of the French Petroleum Institute (IFP Energies Nouvelles).

Our LNG business is founded on our trust in the future of Yemen
Speaking on the occasion, General Manager of Yemen LNG François Rafin noted that “Yemen LNG increases again its investment in the education. Our LNG business is founded on our trust in the future of Yemen, on our loyalty to its people and on our faith in the Youth.  There have been hard times and sabotages of our pipeline but we are there to stay and to boost the economic development. We run and sponsor higher education programs that benefit 420 students this year: scholarships to French universities, marine officers cadet training, sponsorship of Shabwa and Marib students to Yemen universities, French language training for preparation to join French universities. We also run professional training at Balhaf where 180,000 hours of technical programs are delivered in 2012. We support primary and secondary schools for 6600 children in the pipeline region. We run the French School of Sana’a in partnership with Total, where French teachers teach the French curriculum.

Our LNG School of Technology at Balhaf has already trained thousands of technicians and engineers. We now inaugurate the Master program of the Institute Francais du Petrole. The ministry of higher education recognizes this diploma.  We do not know any equivalent School of Technology in the whole Middle East. This is a subject of pride for Yemen.

H.E. the Minister of Oil and Minerals, H.E Minister of Education, Dr. Abdul-Razzak Al-Ashwal, Vice Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Mohammed Mutahar and Mr. Jean-Louis Girodet representing the Ambassador of France spoke at the event highlighting the importance of the Youth, the links between France and Yemen and the role of education for peace and development.

The winners of 2012 scholarships are:
Bachelor degree:
Mohammed Moqbel  Zeyad              Civil Engineering
Aiman Ahmed AL-Nusairi                  Civil Engineering
Hossam Mohammed Basudan       Science of Mechanics
Safaa Hussein Al-Watari                   IUT – Marketing
Mohammed Esam Moqbel               Computer Science
Faten Khalid Ali                                   IUT - Marketing
Manal Mohammed Al-Harazi            IUT - Marketing
Mohammed Saleh Al-Kharaz           Science of Mechanics
Salem Abdullah Lamlas                   IUT - Marketing
Manal Mohammed AL-Safany         Tourism
Marwa Mohamed Mohamed            Economy Management
Mohammed Abbas Amer                 Civil Engineering
Nada Hussein Al-selwi                    Civil Engineering

Master degree
Ahmed Yousef Ahmed                      Computer Sciences
Samir MOhammed Assami             Maths & Computer Sciences
Rania Ali Sheikh Ali                           Public Health
Abdulmalik Mabkhoot Mosaed        Management
Yahya Mohammed Al-Dhuraibi       Computer Sciences
Taha Ahmed Al-Wajeeh                    Maths & Computer Sciences
Saleh Qaid Al-Bouraee                     Maths & Computer Sciences
Adel Ahmed Al-Raadi                        Civil Engineering
Mansoor Hamad Al-Shadadi           Public Management
Afrah Ahmed Al-Attas                         Public Health 
Musali Saif Buhaibeh                        Public Administration
Hasan Hadi Wahit                             Information Systems

Students admitted to the LNG Diploma:
Younes Abdulkawi Al-Khateeb
Omar Ali Al-Baiti
Basheer Hefdallah Al-Zeidar
Akram Ahmed Al-Hosiny
Salim Abdulkarim Greynoon
Ala Hadi Nasser
Osamah Mohammed Al-Asalami
Ahmed Saeed Al-Hajj
Ahmed Abdubaker Al-Rabash
Ahmed Salim Binabdulatif
Abdullah Ahmed Al-Awlaqi
Haithm Mohammed Fadhl Mohammed


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