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General Manager runs a press conference for Yemeni media representatives
08 May 2010   
With the participation of over 15 journalists representing major local media outlets in Yemen, the General Manager Mr. Francois Rafin, held a press conference today Thursday at the Yemen LNG premises with the main objective to explain the structure of gas prices in the international market and the factors that affect gas prices worldwide.

Yemen LNG, a “center of attention” at LNG 16
22 April 2010   
Oran, Algeria – With a delegation headed by H.E. the Minister of Oil and Minerals Mr. Amir Al-Aidarous, Yemen LNG has participated in Oran, Algeria, at the 16th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas.

Yemen LNG Champions Bir Ali Solid Waste Cleaning Campaign
05 April 2010   
As part of Yemen LNG’s environmental and social commitments, we support initiatives concerning biodiversity conservation outside of the Balhaf LNG Plant boundaries.

Yemen LNG Commences Production from 2nd Train Ahead of Schedule, Hence Doubling LNG Exports to its International Markets
02 April 2010   
Sana’a –Yemen LNG Company announces that it started producing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from its 2nd Train on 1st April 2010, one month ahead of schedule.

Yemen LNG Inaugurates Another 3 Schools in Shabwa Governorate
29 March 2010   
Under the auspices of HE the Governor of Shabwa, Yemen LNG Company officially inaugurated 3 new schools that have been constructed during 2009 – bringing the total of schools completed in project neighboring villages to seven.

Launch of Yemen LNG Scholarship Program 2010 - 20 Scholarships to France
25 March 2010   
Sana’a – 25 March: Yemen LNG is a world class LNG producer delivering to the Americans, Europe and Asia.

Yemen LNG Receives 2010 Investment Medal
10 March 2010   
In recognition of its role in enhancing and supporting development and investment in Yemen, the Yemen LNG Company was awarded The Medal of Investment for 2010.

Seri Balqis Picks up 15th Cargo
02 March 2010   
Carrying the 15th cargo of Yemeni LNG, 'Seri Balqis' left the Balhaf Terminal on Monday, 1 March heading towards the port of Sabine Pass in the USA.

First Yemen LNG Cargo Arrives in Boston, USA
24 February 2010   
In the early hours of Tuesday, 23 February 2010, the LNG tanker, Maran Gas Coronis, made its way through the Boston Harbor in Massachusetts. This marks the safe arrival of the first Yemen LNG cargo to the Boston Harbor. Maran Gas Coronis carried around 142,500 cubic meters of LNG.

Performance Test on Train 1 Shows Satisfactory Results
22 February 2010   
The Performance Test of Train 1 has been successfully completed. This is another major milestone for Yemen LNG to celebrate. The Performance Test was conducted to demonstrate Train 1 capability of producing LNG as per design.


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